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Honors and Awards


  • Oct. 2022:Graduate Academic Scholarship (BIT) - Special Class
  • Jun. 2022: Xu Teli Scholarship (BIT)
  • Dec. 2021: Diwen Scholarship
  • Dec. 2020: National Scholarship


  • Jun. 2022:Beijing Outstanding Graduates
  • Jun. 2022:BIT Outstanding Graduates
  • May 2022: BIT Excellent Role Model
  • May 2022, 2021 and 2020: BIT Excellent Role Model
  • Dec. 2021: BIT Excellent Student Leader
  • Jul. 2020:Beijing Triple-A Student
  • Dec. 2020 and 2019: BIT Excellent Student Model

Competitions (university level and above)

  • Jul. 2021: Third Prize (North China) in the 5th National Integrated Circuit Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

    FPGA project ”Speaker speech recognition smart home system based on ZYNQ”

  • Dec. 2020: First Prize (Beijing) in Beijing Social Practice and Science Contest on Energy Saving & Emission Reduction

    Project “Self-Powered Charging Shoes based on Human Gait”

  • Dec. 2020: Frist Prize (National) in 2020 National Robot Championship

    Intelligent robot creativity competition

  • Nov. 2020: Second Prize (National) in 2020 China Robot Competition (RoboCup)

    FIRA: Robot Simulation Obstacle Avoidance

  • Sep. 2020: Second Prize (North China) in 2020 China Undergraduate Physics Tournament
  • Sep. 2020: First Prize (Beijing) in the 1st Undergraduate physics Academic competition of Beijing

    Explore the phenomenon of Ferrite rod resonance and its relationship with excitation frequency

  • Aug. 2020: Third Prize (North China) in the 8th National College Student Optoelectronic Design Competition

    Project “Using Raman Spectroscopy to Detect Coronavirus in the Environment”.